Tuesday, January 20, 2009

people are fascinating

When Fe and Colin first came up with the idea for the Ped Pex Power Pod, I was inspired and hoped we would be accepted for the Art Shanty project. December 20 rolled around and we are in!
Now the real work begins. Engineering a structure made of wood, pex, and plastic was new to all of us but Colin and Fe made it look easy. Colin's wood working construction skills were obvious from the get-go. His floor design allowing for easy installation and easy travel got us off to a great start. Fe's fine finishing touches on the floor gave us a giant bicycle tire to play on for the next 6 weeks.
Now for the metal work. Something I can do! Using scrap bed frames and square tubing, we came up with a sturdy bicycle frame that would handle the rowdiest of cyclists that we knew would visit our Shanty.

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